Mood Lamp – Project Update No. 3

After some extensive testing of the sound to light feature I have decided I am not overly happy with the performance as it currently largely depends on the volume of audio being played. If the audio is too quiet, the lights are very dim and if the audio is too loud the lights are maxed out.

I am going to experiment with volume levelling so that the brightness is set by the dynamic range of the audio volumes rather than the absolute volume.  Hopefully this will ensure the brightness is fairly even with quiet audio as well as loud audio.

I am also currently looking at further improvements to the mood lamp hardware for future updates.  These include Wi-Fi and/or Bluetooth control (allowing better control over colour and additional modes) and incorporating a USB port for firmware updates.  I am also looking at designing a PCB which will incorporate all the components on a single PCB, however, this will involve a fair bit of accurate soldering due to use of surface mount IC’s and LED’s.  This is likely to be a little way off into the future, probably sometime in 2016 before this is prototyped.

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