Pi Weather Station – Project Update No. 1

Welcome to my first update for my Raspberry Pi Weather Station project.  This project is bringing together the power of the Raspberry Pi with an Arduino Mega 2560 clone to display the current weather conditions as well as the local weather forecast.

The project comprises of two hardware systems and a web based remote interface.  The Raspberry Pi powers the indoor display unit and handles the uploading of the data to the web interface and displays the current conditions and forecast on a 7″ touchscreen display (I am using the Official Raspberry Pi Display).  The Arduino powers the outdoor remote sensing unit which gathers the current conditions from a number of sensors.  All communications are other a secured WiFi network.

The software for the display unit will primarily be coded in Python 2.7 and Kivy with MySQL being used to store data.

This project is still a work in progress, with some systems not yet completed.  So far I have managed to interface with all of the sensors.  The next step is to link the two systems together.

I have also being playing with Kivy and Python – I am a bit of a beginner with both of these but what better way to learn that by trying to build your own project and work out the kinks! I have so far managed to get some basic work done with Kivy using a useful eBook, Creating Apps in Kivy By Dusty Phillips, which happens to walk through creating an app to display the current forecast from openweather.com.  I have also managed to get Google GeoLocation by Wifi networks to work to enable easy setting of forecast locations.  I now need to work on setting a location based on the UK MetOffice DataPoint service which I will use to deliver local weather forecasts and weather warning data.

One sensor that is difficult to test is the AS3935 Lightning Sensor due to the lack of decent lightning storms where I live in the UK!  I have had some success with it detecting lightning during brief storm but it is difficult and dangerous to generate a suitable spark for it to detect!

In my next update I hope to be able to report on progress made with the wireless communications between the Raspberry Pi and the Arduino.

I have also updated the main project page with details of the current hardware and progress to date.

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