Mood Lamp


A mood lamp created using Arduino clone (ATMega328P) & an Adafruit NeoPixel Ring controlled by an Infra-red (IR) remote control with sound to light.

I have now completed this project and will update (rewrite) this page shortly and add photos/videos of the lamp in operation.

Project Aims

Mood lamp which has the following features:

  • Colour changing mode (rainbow & palette based)
  • Fixed colours (based on remote control buttons)
  • Sunrise and Sunset modes
  • Fire effect modes
  • Sound-reactive mode

Current Progress

2015/05/16: Final build complete and code edited to filter out unwanted remote control signals.

2015/03/02: Electronics complete. Software complete. Final construction started.

2015/02/08: Decided to change lamp body after 3D modelling of original idea.  Now using white translucent silicone lamp.

2015/02/07: IR-Receiver code largely complete, requires further commenting of code.  Circuit prototype laid out on breadboard.

2015/02/01: Neopixels tested. MSGEQ7 chip tested with microphone input.

Bill of Parts

The current parts list comprises:

Circuit Diagram

The following breadboard layout illustrates the original circuitry I was using. I will post an updated layout and circuit diagram later with component values etc.

Mood Lamp - Breadboard Layout

The final circuit has been constructed using Adafruit Perma-Proto boards.  The electronics could be made much smaller through use of surface mount devices and processors, minimising the use of large through hole components, however, this will require a custom PCB and some fairly delicate soldering skills!

Arduino Code

The GitHub repo for the code can be found at:

Future Development

Although  I am currently happy with the project, I am considering future revisions/improvements, including:

  • Built in USB-Serial converter for easy software upgrades
  • Adding Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) or WiFi interface to allow remote operation of the lamp
  • Adding alarm clock functionality (similar to Lumie alarm clocks)

Updated: Jun 23, 2015 @ 1:04 pm

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