Pi Weather Station – Indoor Display Hub

The purpose of the indoor display hub is to:

  • Read data from the sensor nodes
  • Display sensor data on-screen
  • Log sensor data to remote web-server
  • Show current weather forecast.

A few features I am still toying with are:

  • Local traffic/public transport information
  • Local/national news headlines.


  • Raspberry Pi (Model B+ or Model 2/3 B, others may work but may run slowly – also, model A/B do not have correct mounting holes) – I am using a Model 3B.
  • Custom 3D printed display case
  • USB WiFi Adapter (only required for Model B+/Model 2B).
  • DS1307 based RTC configured to run on 3.3V on a Adafruit Perma-Proto Pi Hat
  • Adafruit HTU21D Temperature and Humidity Sensor
  • Embedded Adventures AS3935 Lightning detector


All software will be Python 2.7 with Kivy used for the GUI running on Raspbian Jessie.  MySQL will most likely be used for the database backend.

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